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About Reonald

REONALD © Harry Heuts 2015_4b.jpg

REONALD architecture was founded by Reonald Westerdijk in 2018. My work focuses on creating sustainable environments for living that respond to a sense of place. All my projects aim to create places that enhance people's well-being and encourage social cohesion. The result is a humane architecture that provides a sense of belonging.

"Acting respectfully towards nature and one another is key to our work. Everything else follows." - reonald

For us every design proces is like an adventure: discovering unknown teritories and getting to unexpected solutions. Our proces starts by carefully listening to our client's needs and aspirations to learn what they are looking for in their project. We scratch below the surface to find out the 'WHY' of their project.

We continue by making careful observations of a given place. We uncover the inherent qualities and sensitivities of a place. We consider its history, culture and narrative; We observe how the sun moves through the sky. We look at the direction of prevailing winds and breezes. We take into account the presence of water, trees and animal life; We want to experience a place to become aware of its sound, smell and atmosphere…
Finally we study any given planning requirements and restrictions. There is a heightened awareness of place and connection to site that comes from this approach. It informs us how the building can respond respectfully and beautifully. 

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