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Connecting people to place

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I see architecture as a tool.  I use this tool to respond to the sensitivities of place. When used in the right way architecture becomes a way to discover and appreciate the place you live in. You could compare it to skillfully shaving a piece of rough sawn timber. You make sure your tool is sharp. You run your fingers along the grain to get a good understanding of its imperfections. You smell the wood with every shave and slowly come to appreciate its hidden beauty. 

"I am talking about architecture as a tool to re-connect us to the natural world and to the people around us. A way to get in touch with our humanity. Architecture as a much needed counterpoint to our busy, modern lives." - reonald

Architecture has the potential to connect you to the environment you live in. It can remind you of where you are. It can make you feel rooted and safe. If done well it makes your house feel like a home. A comfortable shelter from which to enjoy life.
You can compare it to arriving in a new city. One of the first things you want do is to check out the neighbourhood. You want to familiarize yourself with it and feel less like a stranger. Over time you become aware of local customs and start to appreciate your new habitat. From there you start connecting to the locals and the life of the city. And before you know it this new city feels like home.

​Along the way in our highly artificial and digital lives we got dis-connected from our natural ways. We humans came to believe that we stand above or even outside of nature. Within that view it became possible to treat nature as a mere resource to sustain our economic activities. We forgot that in fact we are an intricate part of the natural world. Up to 60% of our bodies is water. We depend on nature for our survival. At REONALD architecture I see it as our challenge to get back to a healthy balance between our exciting artificial lives and our essential natural needs.

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