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REONALD® is working on the interior and exterior transformation of a characteristic post-war brick house in the popular Jekerdal in Maastricht. The site is situated in between St Pieter's hill to the South; the river Jeker to the North and the City Park and midieval city of Maastricht to the East. The back of the house faces South and is surrounded by garden on three sides. At the front a mature 9m high purple leaved plum tree anchores the house to its site.


The design centers around the idea of blurring the line between inside and out. Connecting the house to the garden, to the sun and to the elements. A series of precise interventions, small and large will be carried out over time. A newly designed garden shed plays an important role in the overall transformation. It replaces the old shed opening up space for a sun deck and a new opening to the kids play room.

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