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Schommelstation was a self-initiated and crowd funded project that transformed a former petrol station into a place to swing. The project is a temporary urban experiment that reveals the potential of unused spaces like this in our cities. It was designed and built in collaboration with the Maastricht Design Collective 'Het Werkgebouw'.

We proposed to hang 5 different types of swings from the far end of the cantilevered petrol station roof. Each swing catering a specific generation of users: a baby swing, a classic swing, a pick-nick table-swing, a love seat and a lounge swing. To accentuate the idea that this a place of repose a slightly raised platform was created covered with reused artificial grass. The platform doubles as  a safety playground surface.

The action of swinging puts smiles on peoples faces. It brings people of diverse background together under one roof. We love to see it being used so well every day by people of all ages and walks of life. 'Schommelstation' is a great example of how a small urban intervention can have big social impact.

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