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Het Werkgebouw is a collective of craftsmen and creative professionals to join forces and set up shop in a warehouse at Tapijn Kazerne. The building combines several workshops, an exhibition space and showroom. It is situated on a former NATO military base, Tapijnkazerne 24, close to the old center of Maastricht.

In the near future their current building will be demolished to make place for an extension of the City Park. Currently he collective is in the proces of securing a building on another location in Maastricht. 

REONALD® was asked to make a concept design for the new location.

The prospect building contains roughly 2000m2 of raw Industrial floor space. It will fit the collectives ambition to grow doubling in size from 12 now towards 25 businesses in the future. The new building will also host a restaurant/bar facility. Parts of the building will be rented out to other related businesses that won't be part of the Werkgebouw collective.

The design needs to deal with individual workspaces that can have a character of their own, while  at the same time creating a strong collective identity; It needs to be inviting to the general public; It has to deal with issues of affordability, climate and comfort. The design will need to easy to construct using materials and techniques that the collective itself can handle. 

These parameters resulted in a integrated solution organising activities along two main axes perpendicular to each other. On either side of the long axes and parrallel to the central skylight in the roof overhead a post and beam timber structure is erected containing the indivildual workshops on two levels. This structure will contain units of 4x4m that can be easily heated in winter. The space outside the timber structure will be open and can only be heated to a maximum of 14 degrees in winter.


On the one hand this box in box approach is driven by pragmatism and economy. Like a row of houses where the neighbours keep eachother warm. On the other hand it is a mix of the Eastern bazaar and the European Gallery type. A light filled street lined with shops where you can see the craftsmen at work. 

Entrance hall existing situation

Entrance hall existing situation

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