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A young couple asked me to design a safer balustrade to a stair in their living room to protect their 1 year old from falling. He would start walking soon. On my first visit we sat outside in their garden on the lower kitchen level. When I looked up to the balcony above I noticed  its balustrade was identical to the one inside. I suggested to replace this one as well. They agreed.

Both inside and outside balustrades were designed as part of one family through detail and material: dark grey coated steel, smoked oak and black nylon netting. 

The inside balustrade got a large rounded bend to enhance the flow of movement and create a sense of space. The outside balcony balustrade was designed to lean over by 15 degrees to create a connection with the garden below. It is topped by a heavy, 30 cm wide oak plank. Easy to lean on or place your morning coffee or evening drink on. The couple told me that before they never used the balcony. Now with the new design in place they rediscovered this area to enjoy the sun and read the paper. 

Steel work by Rob van Acker - Ijzerwerk. Wood work by Michiel van Poecke. Netting by J. Van Dijk & Zn.


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